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Germany invaded Denmark in 1940 after the German army crossed the Danish border on April 9, 1940 by sea, air, and land. Who could the pilot be and how exactly did he get there? Husk, at her kan du chatte hvis du vil, men du kan vælge at bare se også. Once they uncovered the bones, jacket, and trousers of the pilot, they started digging in the pockets of the clothes in which they found a wallet with Nazi emblems and insignia, some German money, and cigarette rolling paper. So where would he be laid to rest? Pruchnie/Getty Images, i mainly thought it was just a good story, Kristiansen said, but he didnt really think it was true. What Lies Beneath the Surface. De er meget sød og lækker med deres sorte hår og deres fine runde romper. Tap blot på billederne for at se! The Danish authorities decided that because there werent any remaining living relatives, the German War Graves commission, which handles the funeral of wwii soldiers, was to decide where the pilot would be laid to rest. M The attack was planned as part of the German Operation Weserübung Süd the German plan for the invasion of Norway its main goal to secure the iron ore shipping from Narvik. stripper nordjylland damer nøgne

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The pieces of the aircraft and the bones were then taken to The Historical Museum. But who was this pilot? The North Jutland Police closed the site for investigation and the plane had to be removed by bomb disposal experts because the aircraft went down with lots ammunition on board. More Crucial Evidence Sarauw, the museums curator, told Judith Vonberg of CNN that he uncovered more items in the pilots possessions. Young Kristiansen said that he hopes to update the details of the lost plane once everything comes to light. Maybe I should have listened to him a bit more when he was alive! There usually isnt anything too exciting to report from Scandinavia, but this made world news. There are records that someone in northern Denmark crashed into a mire in November 1944, and it was impossible to get him up So that could be him, Flensted said. We didnt touch it, we just put it in some bags.

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 Big News Overnight. Read on to find out. Pieces of a Mysterious Puzzle. Det kan godt se på de dejlige latinske piger hele natten. For en kvinde med stort K, bør du finde dig en kvinde fra Latin Amerika. Thats when they realized they should call authorities and not tamper with anything further. While wwii is long gone, this story proves that there are always hidden skeletons to uncover, even literal skeletons. They moved the metal detector over a mound of boggy ground where the detector started beeping. The remains of the wreckage were taken to the Nordjyllands Historiske Museum, otherwise known as The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland. Journalists, TV Stations, and helicopters arrived at the scene, and people from all over the world started to call. A Father-and-Son Adventure, after his father made the joke, the Kristiansen men decided to go on an historical escapade.

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